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Fire Damage

Textile Restoration Services

Our textile restoration experts provide fast services and specialized care to restore your textiles to their pre-loss condition. We know how important your household items are to you, which is why we have a strong network of facilities and specialists across the country to tackle any-size claim.

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What Is Textile Restoration?

Textile restoration is the process of restoring your damaged textile items to their pre-loss condition after a disaster such as a fire, smoke or water damage. A textile is an item made of natural or artificial fibers. This means any object made of fabric materials ranging from cotton to polyester are considered textiles.

Textile Restoration Company

We are committed to providing quality textile restoration services and a seamless textile restoration process. We work to add more value to insurance adjusters and policyholders by covering a wide range of clothing and household textiles.

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Local textile Restoration Services

Ready to begin the textile restoration process? Our team is here to support you with quality textile (and electronics) restoration services after a fire, flood, storm, or disaster. Call us at 1800-533-3483.

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At Tri State, we understand how important your belongings are, as they help make your house a home. Our restoration process can restore nearly any textile item in your home. View our interactive house to see the wide range of textile items we have successfully restored to pre-loss condition.

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