Mold Removal and Remediation

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Mold Damage

Mold Removal and Remediation

Anywhere there is water, there is the potential for mold especially in environments that are prone to varying environmental conditions and humidity. When mold grows inside a home or office, the mold growth can threaten the structural integrity of the structure and threaten the health and safety of its occupants. Our technicians are trained and highly skilled in mold removal and remediation. We isolate the portion of the building that contains mold and remove any areas that are harboring mold. We also conduct air quality testing to ensure the home is mold-free prior to giving the okay to re-inhabit the building.

Mold Removal Service

Fire damage is not only destructive because of the fire itself. When the fire department puts out the fire using water, there is the potential for mold growth. Our experts can inspect a home post-fire to ensure there is no potential for mold growth.

Water damage within a building threatens the structural integrity of the home. In addition, flooding or standing water within a home or office can lead to mold growth within the building. Our professionals can remove standing water, remediate the damage and check for resulting mold growth.

When mold is discovered in your home or office, don’t wait. Call Tri State immediately for mold remediation in the tri-state area. The longer mold sits and grows, the more damage that can be done to the building and its inhabitants.

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Mold Remediation Services

If your home or business has been exposed to any amount of water due to flood or fire, there is always a threat of mold growth. There are obvious signs of damage due to flood or fire, but one of one of the most dangerous threats - mold - often can go unnoticed. Mold can grow within floors, walls and ceilings, making it hard to detect until it’s too late. Our mold remediation experts in the tri-county area. can check your building for mold and remedy any findings.

Understanding Mold Growth

It is nearly inevitable for mold to grow on surfaces within a home after exposure to even the smallest amount of water or humidity. And because mold particles can become airborne, floating from the area in which it originally grew to another location, a small outbreak can turn into a dangerous infestation if not treated. Our professionals will dry and dehumidify a space, check for mold, remove infected items and remediate the mold damage.

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Understanding Mold’s Health Dangers

Anyone, especially those with allergies or asthma, can be severely affected by the presence of mold in a home or office. Mold can exacerbate or even cause respiratory issues, lead to multiple chronic illnesses and have a startling negative impact on people of any ages, but most notably children, the elderly and our furry family members.

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Unfortunately, the longer mold sits without remediation increases the possibility of severe damage to a home or business and the health of its inhabitants. When you call Tri State, we arrive promptly, prepared to remediate the mold and restore your home or building to its pre-mold condition. Contact us now for a professional mold remediation company.

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