Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can severely damage your home or business, putting your family or employees at risk. Enlisting the help of fire damage restoration experts is crucial to ensuring your property is safe and comfortable for everyone. Tristate Fire Water Smoke is a premier fire damage expert serving property owners throughout New York and New Jersey. We have what it takes to ease your worries and provide dependable solutions you can trust.
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Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fires cause immense devastation to a building and its inhabitants. Fires start for various reasons, from something as simple as a forgotten candle to something more complex like a faulty wire. Whatever the reason, the emotional and physical toll is high when a fire strikes. Fire damage comes in many forms and can leave a lasting impact on your home and family when not dealt with properly.

The flames and heat can burn, break and melt through your property while releasing smoke, soot and various chemicals that can adhere to walls, ceilings, furniture, clothing and more. Plus, emergency actions taken by the fire department when putting out a fire can lead to serious water damage and cause mold to grow throughout your property. Smoke or chemical smells, the presence of soot, water stains or discoloration are tell-tale signs that you should connect with an expert. 

At Tristate, we understand the challenges you face to get your home or business back in operation after a fire. Our fire restoration company is well-equipped to immediately begin restoring your building to minimize further damage caused by fire, smoke, soot or water so you can get back to your life.

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Types of Fire Cleaning Services

Count on Tristate Fire Water Smoke for expert fire damage restoration solutions. We've developed a comprehensive service to address your end-to-end needs during this overwhelming period. Our fire damage restoration technicians have years of experience helping home and business owners restore their property. They're highly trained, licensed and insured to perform various tasks to address your situation. After you contact us, we'll arrive at your property quickly with the tools and strategies to offer the following services:

At Tri State, we know that removing damaged property is the first step in a successful fire restoration. Our cleaning and sanitizing team will remove and dispose of anything in your building that has been irreparably damaged by fire.

Fire damage is not the only resulting damage from a fire; water damage can occur when the fire is put out, which leads to the potential for mold growth. Our fire restoration professionals are capable and equipped to handle every type of damage resulting from a fire.

The toll of the fire is enough for a homeowner or business owner to handle. Resulting mold growth should never be a concern as well. At Tri State, we arrive as quickly as possible to perform our fire restoration services to prevent mold growth, and remediate it should it have already occurred.

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Tristate Fire Water Smoke Has Your Back

The fire damage cleanup process is a daunting task when you're on your own. Tristate is your go-to fire cleanup company with the expertise to help you navigate this challenging time. We've worked on projects large and small, offering clients our undivided attention and unwavering support to get them back on their feet. Our full-scale service provides unique advantages, including:

Vast Reach

Tri State provides unrivaled fire remediation services within the 5 boroughs of NYC and all of NJ. We offer expert solutions paired with exemplary customer service to provide our clients with a well-rounded service that they can trust. We are compassionate about the damage that has been done and aim to remediate the problems as quickly, yet expertly, as possible.

Seamless Process

Our quality fire restoration solutions are paired with a seamless process to remove as much stress as possible from the process. Any and all aspects of the process, including insurance claims, are handled by our professionals; we strive to bear the burden of the fire recovery so you can move on with your life.

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Years of Expertise

Innovative Solutions

At Tri State, we use the most advanced fire restoration processes and technologies to ensure a job well done. Our solutions are highly effective in mitigating the damage caused by fire and smoke. We are constantly adjusting our processes to best align with advancements in the fire restoration industry.

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After a fire, you want to know that your property is in the best possible hands. Tristate is the trusted source for fire restoration within the five boroughs of NYC and all of NJ. Our teams are on standby 24/7/365, giving you access to fire cleaning services you can trust to be there when you need them most. We work directly with insurance companies to further ease your burden. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, give us a call at 888-534-8503 or contact us online to request service today. 

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